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Philippine News: Marlene Aguilar calls for nationwide protest



OPEN LETTER To the United States President Barack H. Obama, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the Honorable US Senators and Congressmen and the United Nations’ Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. (Click to read)  Recently, Ms. Maribel Langley-Van Keulen, a Filipino-American journalist sent you a long and open letter together with certified true copies of evidentiary papers proving her claim. Please find a copy of her letter attached, entitled: THE ULTIMATE EXECUTIVE CRIME AND DECEPTION: ARROYO REGIME AND ALLIES’ WILLFUL ACTS OF GENOCIDE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY Her first paragraph states: “There are many reports of government instigated killings in the Philippines over the period of the Arroyo administrations; that is, from 2000 to 2010. These include reports of murders committed by government soldiers, officials of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Criminal Investigation Local Group, and also of private armies. These were killings carried out under the ORDERS of the government of the day. Political opponents, businessmen and even members of the government’s own political parties were killed. These were all people who were felt to be a liability or a threat to the Arroyos’ interests and plans. Witnesses, human rights advocates, journalists, priests and clergymen have also been murdered to prevent exposure of these crimes. The previous Arroyo administrations and her allies continue to deny these alleged extra-judicial killings and mass murder.” Ms. Van Keulen also wrote: “In 2004, four years after Gloria Macapagal Arroyo came into power, the United Nations and the Guinness Book of Records identified the Philippines as the most murderous country and the number one most corrupt country in the world.” In her narrative, she mentions the name of my son Jason Ivler. She declares: “Innocent people such as Jason Ivler, a fellow Filipino-American also fell victim to the Arroyo regime. Like me, Ivler is a US war veteran who risked his life several times fighting for America and the American people. Ivler, a former US Ranger was subjected to a national man hunt in the Philippines. In addition, his entire family was subjected to persistent harassment by the Philippines’ authorities. This particular case happened after the Arroyo administration accused him of murdering the son of a prominent, corrupt political ally of the Arroyo’s. The tri-media of the Philippines condemned Ivler. The media was paid to state that he was guilty of a crime he did not commit, and before any trial. No assumption of innocence was ever accorded. Ivler suffered grave human rights’ violations after 50 heavily armed agents from the National Bureau of Investigation raided his mother’s home on the 18th of January, 2010. Ivler was gunned down. He suffered from 3 gun-shot wounds including a bullet from an M16 that pierced his body. His intestines exploded. Despite the fact that he had fallen, the NBI agents continued to torture him in the presence of his mother. One NBI agent kicked him in his gut aiming at his open wound where his intestines were exposed. These men stood on Ivler’s gun-shot wounds inflicting more pain. The same Filipino officials later dragged a bleeding Ivler like an animal up and then down long flights of stairs. Finally, these law enforcers threw the body of Ivler into a vehicle as if he were a dead pig. The entire incident was recorded on film by TV crews. The general public was unaware that the Arroyo regime had long set their sights on killing Jason Ivler and his mother, Marlene Aguilar. Ms Aguilar had written and published an autobiography, Warriors of Heaven that contains controversial information which threatened the Arroyo regime’s interests, including the receipt of further foreign aid and other finances from the government of the United States of America.Today Jason Ivler sits in a dirty jail in Quezon City, a jail built to house 800 inmates that holds over 3,000. He has sat in that jail for over 6 months suffering from infected gunshot wounds and with 2 parts of his intestines exposed to the humid, fetid air. This is a jail that cannot even supply sterilized gauze, let alone any proper medical treatment. Since the time of his detention Ivler has never received any proper medical attention. And the government continues to prevent him from going to hospital to receive medical care and the surgery that would restore his intestines. Ivler’s human rights continue to be violated by the government officials.” My people were horrified when they saw on national television how my son was brutally violated by the law enforcement agents. I hereby enclose a video of Jason Ivler’s brutal arrest. However, the younger generations of Filipinos came to our rescue and have supported us ever since the day the NBI agents raided my home, the day my son and I were arrested. Since then, I have received countless mail from people all over the world showing their support and sympathy for me and my son. Today Jason Ivler has become an icon of hope and courage for the Philippines. He has a Face book fan page with over 70 thousand supporters representing over 23 countries, and we are growing stronger as time passes, getting an average of 400 supporters a day. So many poems, songs, videos, T-shirt designs and other graphic images have been created to honor Ivler and criticize my government. Nationwide and abroad, young Filipinos are seen wearing Ivler’s T-shirts showing their protest against the Philippine government and showing their support for him. A major concert starring leading local rap musicians was staged at the Music Museum entitled, “Justice for Jsin”. Please find photos attached.Soon after my son was put in jail, I marched everyday from my home in Blue Ridge to the Quezon City Hall of Justice showing my protest. Despite receiving death threats, some of which were posted on Ivler’s fan page, I marched 7 kilometers a day for 75 days straight through tropical rain and hot sun to defend my son’s human rights. Many times, Ivler’s fans came with me. A journalist named Charlie Lozo supported my “Mother’s March of Protest” and he wrote about it in the papers. Because of this, he also received death threats, one of which he reported to the authorities. One day, while leaving my village, someone attempted to kill Charlie. A fast-running vehicle tried to run him over. When I told my son what had happened to Charlie, he asked me, “Who would take care of him, if something bad were to happen to me?” So I stopped protesting in public. Never, since the days of General Douglas Mc Arthur, has an American soldier stood as a beacon of hope and courage for my people. That is what Jason Ivler is to tens of thousands of Filipinos today. Jsin, as his fans call him, has become a cult phenomenon in the Philippines. Currently, Jason Ivler’s fan page has more supporters than the fan pages of the leading movie stars in the country. His supporters call themselves Jsin’s Army and they stand united against the evil existence of my corrupt and unjust government. In cyberspace, Jsin’s Army rules the war against the evil system in the Philippines. The members of Jsin’s Army, all 70 thousand of them and growing, are crying for justice and freedom for Ivler. Furthermore, Jsin’s Army calls me its soul mother. We have one motto and that is, JSIN’S ARMY – ONE HEART – ONE MIND – ONE BATTLE CRY – DESTROY THE EVIL SYSTEM IN THE PHILIPPINES! And so I speak to you, not only as the mother of Jason Ivler, but also as the mother of over 70 thousand souls, the majority of whom represent the young and future generation of Filipinos, my soul children. Before I proceed any further, I would like to ask why US Ambassador Harry Thomas has not lifted a finger to help my son? After all, the incident that happened to us was so well exposed in the tri-media of the Philippines, so much so that today, my son and I have become household names. If the US Ambassador in the Philippines couldn’t do anything at all to protect the human rights of an American citizen, a US war veteran, a former US Ranger, then what is Mr. Thomas doing in my country? In addition, if the US Embassy and its officers couldn’t offer any help to American citizens in grave danger here in the Philippines, then why have an embassy here at all? I heard that US Ambassador Harry Thomas was personally hand picked by President Barack Obama for the Philippine position. Is it correct for me to assume that since Ambassador Thomas has done nothing to protect Ivler, that he must not respect people’s human rights at all? Should I then assume that like Mr. Thomas, the US President also does not respect the human rights of US citizens and US war veterans living abroad?Please allow me to go on with my letter. We have been ruled by a government that is unjust for over ten years. That was the government of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her cronies. We have been ruled by a government that murders its own citizens en masse. We have been ruled by a government whose high ranking officials were and still are the same men running organized crimes of kidnapping, car napping, human trafficking, illegal gambling, and trading illegal arms and drugs. My people have lived in the dark ages for over ten years and this continues to this very day. My son, Jason Ivler is only one of countless of people who fell victim to my evil government. I do not call upon the help of US Ambassador Harry Thomas and US President Barack Obama, simply because I have lost faith in the abilities of these men. However, I beseech the honorable men and women in the US Senate and the US Congress, the United Nation’s secretary general Ban Ki-moon to help me and my son. I call upon the assistance of the US Defense Secretary Mr. Robert Gates to do what is just and protect the human rights of Jason Ivler from the vultures and beasts in the Philippines, those in the guise of government officials. In addition, I implore the honorable men and women in the US Senate and the US Congress, the United Nation’s secretary general Ban Ki-moon and US Defense Secretary Robert Gates to protect my people - the Filipino people and other citizens living in the Philippines, including thousands of Americans. Denounce the existence of my corrupt, criminal and murderous government. We will not survive as a nation if my evil government is allowed to continue. Thank you. Sincerely, Marlene AguilarOctober 23, 2010 


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