The greatest faith is self-belief.


Praise for Marlene



"We need more Filipinos like Marlene Aguilar.”

–Eugenia Apostol

Founder, Philippine Daily Inquirer




“Marlene Aguilar stimulates and challenges the artists pushing him further
and further, bringing out his best. She allows absolutely nothing to stop her. She is a true partner. She inspires.”




“Whenever I hear the name Marlene Aguilar, I think of the names
of three Filipina heroines—the Warrior Queen from Ilocos Gabriela Silang,
Teodora Alonzo and Melchora Aquino.

The name Marlene Aguilar has inspired many Filipino painters and sculptors.”

–Napoleon Abueva

National Artist, Philippines




“Aguilar’s portraits are of a darker goddess, the more interesting Lillith rather
than the penitent Eve - little will prepare you for her essays.

Aguilar has a take-no-prisoner approach to her takes on national history and culture.
She is not for the faint-hearted. Oh, we’ve heard historians rant about our damaged culture but Agular’s first person oratory (most were written as speeches) is like a series
of primal screams.

Inflammatory. Provocative. Pugnacious.”

–Inday Espina-Varona

Editor in-chief, Philippine Graphic



“When she declares, “The reason that I have spent 10 years of my life promoting Philippine art and culture is I believe art and culture is the soul of the nation,” you listen.

When she tells you, “All the artists I’ve supported in the past 10 years have made it; I see what can become of them and the country they paint so well. To the best of my knowledge, I have not been wrong,” you pay attention.

And when she looks straight into your eyes and says, “I give my energy to the unknown young artists because they are the future of the Philippines. I believe that as the new generation grows, there will be a Philippine renaissance and we will again be one of the top nations in Asia. Always, through art,” you believe. Because Marlene Aguilar never has to eat her words.”

–Nini Yarte

Editor, Manila Times




“Marlene gives the blood of life to those close to her. She gives them life they have never known. This is her role for the people of the Philippines. She will free her people from ignorance and ease their pain and suffering.

She is not human like the rest of us. I believe she is one of the Buddhist saints reincarnated. She will sacrifice herself for mankind. And from the lowest to the highest places, men shall bow their heads in honor of her name.”

–Chona Caymo

Buddhist geomancer, palmist, psychic




“From the ruins of despair and destruction, Marlene will unite her people
and create a golden era in the Philippines. She will become an icon of hope and peace
to her people. The world will know her and learn to love her. She will be immortalized.”

–Paulie Caoili

Buddhist geomancer, clairvoyant




“Marlene has passion and spirit that has no equal.

She is like a bright star with endless light.”

–William "Billy" King

Philippine King of Fine Dining




“Keep on fighting Marlene.”

–Jullie Daza





“Marlene is psychic.”

–Monica Feria

Editor in-chief, Mirror magazine



“Marlene is the keeper of knowledge.

She is a special lady with special talent, a gift to us from God.”

– Mauricio Domogan

Philippine House of Representatives, Baguio City



“I wish I could do for the Philippine political community what Marlene

has done for the art community.”

–Jess Paredes

Philippine House of Representatives



“She's got publishing of art books down to a science.”

–Imee Marcos

Philippine House of Representatives




“I am one of Marlene Aguilar’s avid admerers. Her books on Philippine art are wonderful!”

–H.T. Retzlaff

Deputy Prime Minister, Samoa





“Myths and Legends of the Philippines is a great book. Upon opening the book I looked
for the Legend of the Warrior Queen from Ilocos Norte, alias Marlene Aguilar. For no one
has done more to capture the imagination of the Filipino people and to instill pride
in their heritage and art than Marlene. I salute her passion, tenacity and talent
for making dreams a reality.”

–John Austin

Executive Director, World Bank





“At an international poverty forum hosted by the Asian Development Bank
in February 2001, with over 30 countries in attendance, I saw this woman stand up against the international institutions that purport to serve the world's developing countries. And she told the representatives of these supposedly august  bodies that they do not have the balls to do the right thing for the poor and by her country, the Philippines.
I said I want to meet that woman.

Her name was Marlene Aguilar.”

–Oktay Hagverdiyev

Director, Cabinet of Ministers, Government of Azerbaijan





“Marlene continues to be a symbol of hope for all Filipinos!”

–Garry Wiseman

Director, United Nations Development Program, Suva, Fiji





“Marlene Aguilar’s aggressive effort to promote the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines is amazing. She reminds us of the impressive achievements of Filipino artists.”

–Christopher Browne

Division Chief, SE Asia & Pacific, International Monetary Fund





“Marlene Aguilar is a dynamic force for a better Philippines.”

–Ben Graham

Marshall Islands Ambassador to the United States of America





"Somebody has to take the firing line.

For the Philippines, it is Marlene Aguilar.”

–Kaleb Udui

Ministry of Finance, Gov’t of Palau





“The woman is a live wire!”

–Loida Nicholas Lewis

Chairwoman and CEO, TLC Beatrice International Holdings, Inc.





“Marlene Aguilar is a female Che Guevarra,
a true guerillera leading the Philippine cultural revolution.”

–Richard Stanley

Board of Directors, Asian Development Bank





 “Marlene’s speech entitled “Healing the Soul of the Nation”
is a great speech and I couldn’t agree more.

I can’t believe they keep teaching Filipino students these lies.”

–Claudia Buentjen

Senior Capacity Development Specialist, Asian Development Bank





“Marlene’s essay entitled, Men in Boxes in the Name of Peace is excellent!”

 –Dr. Ron Crocombe

Author and professor emeritus, Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific Consultant
for the United Nations, World Bank and Asian Development Bank for over 30 years





“I wonder how she knew more about me in a few minutes than people who
are close to me and whom I’ve known for many years. She told me about my future
and helped me see the path to success.”

–Reichert J. Thanda

Aid Policy and Coordination, Directorate Department of National Planning

and Monitoring, Governmentt of Papua New Guinea





“When I met Marlene, I sat next to her and she read my aura.
She told me about my past and my present. She was 100% right!”

–Mary-Jane Foliaki Moala

Ministry of Finance, Gov’t of Tonga





“I thank Marlene for sharing with us her gifts.”

–Lily-Anne Homasi

Ministry of Finance, Gov’t of Tuvalu





“Marlene Aguilar does not only belong to the Philippines,
she belongs to Latin America. She belongs to the poor.”

–Jorge Estevenez

Wine maker, Argentina


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